5 Ways to display your photos!

5 ways to Display your photos!, not just wall art!

Images don’t deserve to live on a drive or exist only on social media — they deserve to be brought to life and enjoyed. And to do that, they need to be printed. When it comes to turning images into something tangible, the first step is photo prints. From film to digital files, prints are the heart of printing.

Not sure how to display your photos from your session? Here are 5 ways you display your photos in your home and enjoy.

mounted print with stand.jpg

1.    Add a Display Stand!

Add a wood display stand or metal display easel to mounted or matted prints.

Everyone loves a classic, and there’s nothing more classic than a Photo Print. Instead of keeping your photos in a box or book. Here a cool way to display your prints and you can rotate them and enjoy them. Display them with a stylish wood or metal stand. Put them on a shelve or side table. Maple or bamboo adds a traditional style to your home or a more contemporary option would be the metal display stand.

metal stand with print.jpg
matted prints jbkphotography

2. Show Sizes and Elegance with Mounted + Matted Prints

Mounting + matting prints increases their longevity and protects them from bending, folding, or warping. The substantial backing makes them easier to store and display, while a mat gives each print an elegant and professional presentation. They will be ready to display in a stand or in a beautiful frame

Don’t! think small sizes!

Your memories are Precious, don’t just think 5x7 think bigger! Think of where you like to display your photos. Large is not scary! They will like gorgeous in your home. I will help you with sizes and design for your space! This the fun part of the whole session, designing your session for you and your home!

box of prints jbk photography.jpg

3. Professional Presentation of your phtotos

What about a customized box! Our image boxes and Wood Boxes are a luxury, yet affordable way to safely hold, preserve, and even display Photo Prints. Both Image and Wood Boxes are available in a variety of sizes, so you hold different amounts and sizes of loose, mounted, and matted prints. As our gift the wood stand comes with your box.

image box jbkphotography.jpg

Image Box

With our extensive collection of leathers, and fabric cover options, it’s easy to create a timeless Image Box. We suggest our popular Vintage Leathers for a classic choice. Or opt for a Custom Photo Cover to feature your favorite image. This is a favorite choice for our 5x7" and 10x10" sizes! Every Image Box is finished with an elegant black satin ribbon for easy removal of the prints inside.

wood print box jbkphotography.jpg

Wood Box

Made from real maple wood, our Wood Boxes are built to perfection and allow you to print on the lid or engrave it from edge to edge. The beauty of the grain comes through the lighter colors of the printed image, giving it a beautiful warm finish.

framed print jbk photography.jpg

4. Add a Frame

Transform your home is framed prints. It brings your prints to the next level and adds beauty to your home and displays your memories! Whether they’re for the wall or a tabletop, framed prints are a popular way to enjoy a Photo Print.


We carry beautiful frames in many style that will complements your image and will look gorgeous in your home.

mounted print jbk photography.jpg

5. More Modern Option

Do you want more contemporary wall display — Photo prints without the frame. Mount Photo Prints as another way to bring images to life. Can displayed as one or in a group.


The print is laminated to a wood base to create a beautifully contemporary look that easy to take care of and look stunning in

Any home.