The Experience


Your Session

I am offering a complimentary session to a western equestrian and her horse. Looking to do a western lifestyle shoot, cowboy hats, boots, ropes… In an outdoor area around Santa Fe. Looking for a beautiful dessert landscape or trail area. Your session will be complimentary and you will be able to purchase beautiful art work for your home.

These sessions will take place in the Santa Fe area on Monday June 3, 2019. Send me an email so we can set this up. I look forward to working with you and creating some thing spectacular!



Art Work

After your session your photos are fully edited. They will be put in a gallery, this is when you will view your portraits for the first time! The goal of your session with JBK Photography is to end up with beautiful, high quality, Art Work for your walls or your coffee table, Art Work that will leave you breathless and enjoy everyday!

I hand design all artwork, products, albums that’s unique to you. I use the finest labs, so I can provide you with incredible quality art that you cannot get anywhere else. These one of kind pieces of art are priceless, you can’t put a price on memories. Memories that will last a life time.

  • Prints, framed prints, canvases, albums and more are available for purchase.

  • Art work starting at $300.