The Experience


Your Session

Your portrait session with JBK Photograhy will be fun, fulfilling and stress free. All sessions are booked ahead of time to reserve your session date, nothing is due on the day of your session. Prior to your session, we will go over (in person or through email) everything we are hoping to achieve from your session, specific images you would like captured, and any other details that will effect your portraits as well as what to expect after your session.

Sessions take place outdoors at a specified location or at your barn. Time of day greatly effects the look and feel of your session so golden hour (just before sunset) is the ideal time recommended for all sessions. We will shoot until I feel we have everything we are trying to capture, there is no set in stone time restriction. Arrive ready to enjoy your special time in front of the camera!

  • Pre-session planning and consultations can take place in person or through email.

  • Send you a Session Planning Guide, so you can prepare for your session

  • Session

  • In person or Skype order appointment

  • Receive your order and enjoy!

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Art Work

After your session is fully edited, you will have an in person ordering appointment. This is when you will view your portraits for the first time! The goal of your session with JBK Photography is to end up with beautiful, high quality, Art Work for your walls or your coffee table, Art Work that will leave you breathless and enjoy everyday!

I hand design all artwork, products, albums that’s unique to you. I use the finest labs, so I can provide you with incredible quality art that you cannot get anywhere else. These one of kind pieces of art are priceless, you can’t put a price on memories. Memories that will last a life time.

  • Prints, framed prints, canvases, albums and more are available for purchase.

  • Samples will be shown during your in person ordering session so you can see, touch and enjoy the artwork in real life while designing your products.

  • Art work starting at $300.