Pricing Guide

Single Headshot

One Headshot
2 retouched digital file

$150 EA

2 to 15 Headshots

For groups up to 10 people
each person will receive 2 retouched digital files

$75 ea

Large corporation Groups

For groups of over 15 people.
Each person will receive 2 retouched digital file

$55 ea


Includes a 30 minute session with up to two looks, an onsite proof viewing to choose from, and 2 final retouched images in high resolution, perfect for printing or posting online.


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Headshots are for everybody.

These days everyone needs a professional image to represent them. What will your image say about you?


What to wear

What should I wear?
There is a wide variety of looks that will look great depending on what your objectives are. I can help you decide on what to wear

I'm NOT photogenic, can you help

Absolutely! This is the most common comment I get and I can assure you: you do not need experience or to be “photogenic”. It is MY JOB to help you as much as you need to achieve the look that we both are happy with.

When will we get our photos?

My retouching turn around is within 3 business days. I strive to deliver on the short end of that as much as possible. If time is a concern you can always check about the queue of images before yours get done.

How many pictures will we receive?

We will take a lot of photos exploring what looks best for you as well, different facial expressions, body language, etc. You will see a minimum of 10 photos at the end of the session. You can control your budget by deciding what to order from this selection. Each photo is $75 and includes retouching and a commercial license.